Wuttig Research Group

We welcome inquiries and applications from interested researchers! 

Post-Doctoral Positions: Please send application materials (brief cover letter describing research interests, CV, and contact information for three references) to Anna Wuttig via email. We are currently looking for applicants with synthetic experience.  

Graduate Students: Interested students are highly encouraged to reach out to Anna Wuttig via email at any point in their graduate school application process, including before they apply. In addition, interested students are encouraged to submit an application to the PhD program in Chemistry at the University of Chicago [link]. Please reach out to discuss scientific ideas and to rotate in our group. 

Undergraduate Students: Interested students who are Chemistry majors are encouraged to reach out to Anna Wuttig via email with your CV and a brief cover letter describing your research interests, long-term goals, past research experience (if applicable), and why this undergraduate research opportunity is right for you.  


Anna Wuttig, Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Email: awuttig@uchicago.edu

Phone: 773-702-6044

Office: E405A Gordon Center for Integrative Science

Research Laboratories

Gordon Center for Integrative Science

E447C-F, E447H

University of Chicago

929 E 57th St

Chicago, IL 60637

Mailing Address

University of Chicago

Gordon Center for Integrative Science

929 E 57th St

Chicago, IL 60637

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